Built for clean energy innovators and start-ups
Prosemino creates, builds and supports start-ups to tackle the net-zero challenge. We focus on electrochemical clean energy technologies that are critical to a sustainable energy system, including hydrogen, energy storage and advanced materials.

Through co-founding start-ups, we accelerate the development and commercialisation of technologies by providing our lab space, pre-seed capital and in-house technical and business mentoring.
Together, we can accelerate clean energy technologies for the transition to a net zero world.
Programme at a glance:
Access to pre-seed capital (earliest funding round where a start-up raises money to validate its problem-solution hypotheses, propositions, and demand) in exchange for stakes in the ventures we co-found and build
Access to our laboratory and engineering facilities, and state-of-the-art analytical and testing suites through partnerships with leading institutions
Technical and commercial expertise from our founders and network of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs
Guidance on how to communicate with and manage investors, clients, and acquirers
Legal, financial and team-building support and advice for now and in the future
Access to our network across the supply chain and industry in the clean energy space
These companies are tackling the toughest climate challenges while aligning with fast growth markets.
Meet our start-ups
Oort Energy is an innovative electrolyser company founded on over 40 years’ experience in the field. Oort has a single mission: To make green hydrogen economical, and to let market demand then drive the transition to net-zero.
Oort Energy
Sention Technologies is advancing cell intelligence to drive positive change. Their cutting-edge sensor technology enables rapid, non-destructive diagnostics of any electrochemical cell, including batteries, fuel-cells, electrolysers, and super capacitors.
Sention Technologies Ltd.
Redoxion - the start-up company that is re-defining the volume manufacture of low-cost and sustainable Li-ion cathode active materials (Li-CAMs). The company will develop new and proprietary synthesis methods for the large-scale production of LFP, LMFP and next-generation Li-CAMs.
Redoxion Ltd.
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